Carl Smith... for Archuleta County Sheriff 2014


"Excellence In Public Service"



"As Sheriff I will be committed to establishing and maintaining a partnership with the community I have been elected to serve, providing a professional law enforcement department that is sensitive and responsive to the needs of the people.  My commitment means providing this service in an honest and forthright manner, always mindful that as public servants we treat all persons with respect and dignity.”

                                                                                                                                                                               -  Carl R. Smith 


Archuleta County, Colorado

In November 2014, Archuleta County, Colorado residents will select a new Sheriff to take charge of the office and its departments.

Carl Smith, running as a Republican candidate, is a 35 year veteran of law enforcement in both California and Colorado, is the clear choice to fill that role. A native Coloradoan, Carl has spent nearly 2/3 of his life as a peace officer and asks for your support in allowing him to continue that service as Sheriff. We invite you to learn more about Carl Smith, his professional experience and what he envisions for the future of the Sheriff's Department in Archuleta County.

Stay in touch with Carl as he updates his social media connections with news about current events, public appearances, local news and where he will be during the campaign. Find him on Facebook as Carl Smith for Sheriff and Tweet him at CarlSmith2899. Let him know your ideas and concerns, as well... connect with Carl!

Carl Smith Through the Years...

Thank you for any and all support towards Carl Smith for Sheriff 2014